Multi-Function Cutting Machine

SUNEWELL 3.2m Multifunctional Cutting Machine MFCM-320

Max.Cutting Width:2.5m/3.2m/4.2m
Power:220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power:2.2KW
Work Pressure:3-6kg/cm3
Machine Size:MFCM-420(4200x950x1100mm)
Machine Weight:MFCM-320(800kgs)


Cutting for Sunscreen Fabric / Zebra Fabric / PVC Fabric / Roller Blackout Fabric / Honeycomb Fabric / Shangri-la Fabric etc.

Multi-function cutting machine function and Characteristics

  • Two cutting systems in one machine, you can according to different fabrics to select the cutting mode, the most fabric can cutting in one machine save more cost for you.
  • Ultrasonic cutting mode adopts the German system, and Taiwan high-quality guide rail, stable performance, reliable quality.
  • Air Crush Cutting mode, the knives are made of imported steel and are durable. The machine is suitable for cutting roll curtain fabrics.
  • The cut fabric has firm sealing edges and soft cutting edges, without shedding or losing edges.
  • The machine adopts electric feeding, the feeding length can be set, the remote control can save time and effort.
  • All Aluminum and stainless steel frame, beautiful appearance.
  • The knives are made of Japanese steel is durable.
  • Ultrasonic cutting can automatically detect the cutting width, and automatically return the knife after cutting the cloth to improve the production efficiency.
  • Suitable for cutting roll curtain, soft gauze curtain, zebra curtain, Shangri-la curtain, and other curtain fabrics.


1. The maximum cutting width of the standard machine: 3.2 m (customizable width);
2. Using precision linear guide; all-aluminum profile structure
3. Using mobile control (remote control);
4. Using roller type feeding (electric feeding);
5. With ultrasonic and pressure knife two interchangeable cutting methods, the conversion of the two cutting methods is simple and convenient. Ultrasonic frequency: 20KHz;
6. Equipped with infrared anti-pressure hand protection device, safe and reliable;
7. Power: 220V 2.3KW;
8. Machine size (L * W * H): 4.2 * 0.9 * 1.1m; machine weight: 800KG;
9. In addition to the two knives with the machine, send two more knives and a set of tools;
10. Desktop support is not included.